Know these air purifiers benefits to save thousands of $$$

As we’re about to talk about air purifiers benefits, I’m going to stop you right there. Because…

Air purifiers have NO benefit to you, unless you don’t breathe. Yes, you heard that right. This article will be particularly helpful for those who breathe and are concerned about the quality of the air in their house or office.

The places we live in today have become much more polluted than 25 or 30 years ago. The rate of increase in pollution level is alarming. To live a healthy life, the air needs to be filtered.

By nature, we’re capable of filtering the air around us and take what’s absolutely necessary for us to live. But that filter has a limit. To extend the limit and eliminate toxic elements from the air, we must have some sort of air purifiers in our homes as well as offices.

So, sit tight, take a deep breath and start knowing. In this article, we’ll see 3 major sections.

  • The first one is about how you got affected by taking that deep breath.
  • We’ll also see how an air purifier could save your medical bills by thousands.
  • Before the end, we’ll get to know some common type of air purifiers and their benefits.

How Are We Affected By Polluted Air?

To realize air purifiers benefits, we must know how dangerous it is to breathe polluted air. The most common immediate reactions to severely polluted air are,

  • Watery eyes,
  • Coughing, and
  • Difficulty in breathing.

The statistics show us that almost 92% of people live under the direct threat of severe air pollution. This increases the risk of having cardiovascular diseases and having a premature death.

Other statistics show that almost 1 million children face premature death just under 5 years of their age due to air pollution. It causes pneumonia and serious damage to your child’s brain development. You can consider best air purifier for baby to secure your little angel’s health.

Commonly, there are 9 elements that can cause damage to our health. They are,

  1. Ozone,
  2. Carbon Monoxide,
  3. Sulfur Dioxide,
  4. Lead,
  5. Nitrogen Oxides,
  6. Particulate Matter,
  7. Carbon Dioxide,
  8. Methane, and
  9. Chlorofluorocarbons

To know more about those elements that are found in polluted air, please read this amazing article from bussiness2community.

Air Purifiers Benefits: Saving Thousands of $$$

You may argue that your parents or grandparents lived a happy and healthy life without having an air purifier. So, why on earth will I need one? It’s a valid point but let me tell you something. They won’t be so healthy if they had to breathe what we inhale today.

Without any more delay, let’s see what are those $$$ saving benefits.

  • If you’re an asthma patient, you know the pain of breathing air that is full of asthma-triggering Air purifiers can effectively get rid of those with 99.97% efficiency. To choose and buy with proper understanding, read best air purifier for asthma.
  • Inhaling dust, pollen, or pet odor is harmful which is prevented by air purifiers.
  • The most wanted air purifiers’ benefit is that it can stop tobacco or cigarette smoke from spreading. Read best air filter for the smoke to choose the one you’re looking for.
  • An efficient air purifier can reduce the level of carbon dioxide and radon gas in your home or office.
  • If you’re afraid of leukemia or lymphoma, you should install an air purifier today. It’ll lower the risk of having those diseases by eliminating volatile organic compounds.
  • Moreover, air purifiers can prevent harmful insects along with mosquitoes from entering your house.
  • Above all, these affordable machines increase the air circulation inside the house. It eventually helps to have better sleep at night, better mood, and less stress.

The benefits stated above are generally true for all types of air purifiers. But there are different types of air purifiers available and each has unique advantages. Let’s talk about that.

Common Types of Air Purifiers Benefits

  1. HEPA technology air purifier benefits

For anything larger than 0.3 microns, HEPA technology is a killer. This is a standard of air purification that is set by the government. It can block almost everything that is harmful in the air but needs to be installed along with UV technology purifier or activated carbon technology purifier. This duo or trio combination will make you almost 100% safe.

  1. Activated carbon technology air purifier benefits

Activated carbon technology is another big player in the market. It is very effective and efficient in removing harmful germs from the air. But it needs to be installed along with another type of air purifier for more effectiveness.

  1. UV technology air purifier benefits

This one is particularly helpful to kill the bacteria or harmful pathogens in the air using electromagnetic radiation. It can also help you with the issues occurred due to mold, viruses, and yeast. As it has some demerits, UV technology air purifier also needs to be used along with another type of air purifier.

  1. Ionic air purifier benefits

This type of air purifier is so popular because it can get rid of the Smokey smell from your house. Besides, this one is very much affordable than others. To know more about affordable air purifiers, you can check out the best air purifier under $100.

  1. Ozone air purifier benefits

You probably know how the earth is protected from harmful rays by the ozone layer. Like that, ozone air purifiers work by oxidizing whatever it touches. This is effective in controlling mold and mildew and bad odor.

Before I finish this section, I must say that there are many cons of those air purifiers. But the cons are not to be considered when you use them where they are suited the best. So, read our best whole house air purifier for more details.

If you have any questions in your mind about “How Do Air Purifiers Work?” or “Do Air Purifiers Help With Smoke?” we have  different articles about this topics. You can read.

Final words

We’ve talked a lot about the air purifiers benefits. We also tried to know a little of benefits of every type. I bet you knew some of them or all of them already or at least we knew the importance just by hearing the words ‘air purifier’.

So, please let us know if we’ve missed something in this article. Also, please don’t forget to share the knowledge with your closed ones who are unaware of air pollution and the benefits of using an air purifier.

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