Do Air Purifiers Help With Smoke [Get rid of second hand smoke in minutes]

Living with a smoker under the same roof gets stressful overtime. Even for a smoker living with a house full of un-breathable smoke is not cozy. ¬†Several studies prove that cigarette smoke causes many harmful compounds which can lead to premature death. And it’s dangerous for children’s health too.

This is when you need to think about freshening up your home. The air purifier helps with smoke and to reduce smoke. This is good news for people who are worried about smoke exposure. People who are the smoker, they also think about this fact. Because, they also want to keep their home smoke free as the smoke creates many diseases for those people who are staying around them.

Tobacco smoke is so dangerous that it can cause cancer and other diseases in non smoking persons and children. A study shows that an increasing level of aggressiveness is found in the children who are exposed to second hand smoke. And they scores higher if they are compared to people who have never exposed to smoke. VOCs, one particular compound found in tobacco is very harmful to human health. But most of the air purifiers can’t remove these compounds. So you have to remove smoke from your home if you have a regular smoker at your home.

Air Purifier Help With Second-hand Smoke

Second-hand Smoke

The word is so common and familiar that people know about it widely. The effect of second-hand smoke is dangerous and harmful for our health in most of the cases. Basically second-hand smoke comes from two main sources; firstly it comes from the cigarette itself. Secondly, it enters into the body when the smoker exhales. But the smoke that comes from the cigarette when its burn is the most dangerous.

The chemical that the burning tobacco contains is extremely more dangerous for human health. These can lead to a serious condition such as cancer or heart diseases. If you stay regularly around a smoker then it’s enough to lead you toward death.

Second-hand smoke causes health problems for your children. In this case either you have to stop smoking or you should smoke outside of your home or apartment. Several studies have shown that it’s dangerous to child health. Besides, studies have shown that people who are living with the smoker, higher levels of tobacco smoke byproducts are found in them. The sudden death of children is the effect of second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke causes upsetting. About 3000 people die every year for the cause of second-hand smoke in America suffering from lung cancer. Besides, more than 46000 people die from heart diseases. Second-hand smoke increases the intensity of asthma. As there are 7000 chemicals in second-hand smoke, maximum compounds are toxic. According to the National Cancer Institution, at least 69 chemicals are present in second-hand smoke which can cause cancer. These components include arsenic, benzene, Polonium-210.

Can Air Purifiers Help With Second Hand Smoke?

You might be wondering, how both a smoker and nonsmoker can live without facing any problem. The solution comes up with the air purifier for cigarette smoke. Almost 99% of air purifiers are designed to remove smoke from the air though eliminating tobacco is a special purpose. But many air purifiers don’t contain the Activated carbon filter which is essential to remove tobacco.An air purifier which is designed to remove smoke contains HEPA filter and Activated carbon filter. These filtration system works to capture toxic compounds and particles. Thus it will reduce the harmful compounds in the air of your home.

Tobacco smoke contains gaseous toxic compounds such as acetaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide which are sometimes problematic. And some cases most of the purifiers can’t remove them enough.

The air purifier can help with the smoke literally. On the other hand, an air purifier can remove smoke smell from the air and other harmful chemicals from the air. The main function of the air purifier is to remove chemical pollutants. Then it releases the clean air back into your home. So using the air purifier will be helpful to remove smoke from the air.

Now let’s know about the fact that how air purifier actually works to remove second-hand smoke. Primarily it passes through a series of filters and it removes particles and pollutants. Then it releases clean air back into your home. One extra advantage is that it can capture many chemical components which are harmful. However, there are two main ways for removing smoke by air purifiers- using a HEPA filter or using activated carbon.

If you go to the market you will find different types of air purifiers with different capabilities. But these are quite good at removing harmful chemicals from the air. All of the air purifiers are not designed for the purpose of removing smoke. You have to know about the features of the air purifier before you go to buy. If you don’t know, then it’s just wastage of your money. You will not get any positive result from it.If you decide to make your home smoke free then you have to clean and ensure hygienic your house first. You have to repaint the wall also because the walls and hold the smell of cigarette for many years. It is so much useful to remove smoke from your room. In this case, you can use the very powerful ventilation system to eliminate smoke.

Final Words

If you want to keep yourself safe from second-hand smoke, you should avoid it totally. On the other hand, you have to use the air purifier to remove harmful chemicals from the air and keep yourself safe. If there are children in your home, then you should put an end to smoking.

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