Electrostatic Air Purifier | Affordable But Should I Buy It?

We’re talking about an air purifier here which was hugely popular before the era of HEPA filters. Electrostatic air purifiers are not so preferable now. Because we’ve got more efficient and effective purifiers like HEPA filters. But back then it was the most efficient and effective air purifying technology you can find.

Today we’ll try to know all about the technology and find out if it’s still convenient for us to buy or not. Let’s see at a glance of the headings.

  • How the technique works
  • The truth: Buy it or not
  • How we can clean it
  • Reasons to have this purifier
  • Reasons not to have this purifier
  • A more efficient alternative to it

At the very end, you’ll find our recommendation. So, let’s start by knowing how things work without any delay.

How Electrostatic Air Purifier Works

Understanding how electrostatic purifier works is no brainer. If you can understand how magnets work, you can easily understand it. The basic principle is opposite poles attract each other. Using this idea, if you charge something with a positive ion, something else charged with negative ion will attract it.

Remember that simple concept. An electrostatic purifier has begun its purifying process by pre-filtering the air. This helps to capture comparatively large particles. The particles that pass through this pre-filter are now charged by the positive ion generating rods.

After that, there are several negatively charged plates are placed for collecting the positively charged particles no matter how small they are. This way, the air gets purified very efficiently.

How efficiently it works in real life is debatable but the principle of it is like that which offers high efficiency.

Buy It or Not

This information is the heart of this article. Because this part will answer your question that if the purifier really works or not. In other words, you get to know if you should buy it or not.

Buying it depends on your budget and the type of pollution you’re dealing with. If you’re looking for something that is not so costly to buy and maintain, collects larger particles and allergens, may create ozone but doesn’t matter, you can buy an electrostatic air purifier.

Testing this filter in a controlled environment, it showed 98% effectiveness in removing dust, pet dander, or mold if the air is passed slowly. Another matter is the filter gets fills up quickly if the air polluted heavily. Cleaning the collector makes it work like a new one.

How to Clean Electrostatic Air Purifiers

As no replacement is needed for an electrostatic purifier, you’ll need regular cleaning for smooth operation. Cleaning is super easy and quick.

Depending on the pollution level, you should perform the cleaning every 4 or 6 weeks. Just remove the filter from your purifier and clean it using a vacuum cleaner.

If the vacuum cleaner is not sufficient, you can use power washing tools. Spray water at high speed and everything will be washed away. Spraying some sort of cleaner liquid first and then cleaning is also a good option.

Are Electrostatic Air Purifiers Helpful?

Let’s talk about the bright side of an electrostatic air filter.

  • The first thing that comes to our mind is the cost of this type of purifier. Installing an electrostatic purifier, you’ll find it very low cost.
  • It says no replacement is needed like other purifiers. Just cleaning is enough to make work like a new one again and again. So, a huge saving on filter replacement is done.
  • The principle of this technology allows this kind of purifier so efficient theoretically. Manufacturing with perfect parts, this purifier can work like magic.
  • It can remove tiny particles because of the method it uses for filtering. So, if you have allergy or asthma problems, you can rely on it.

The Reasons Not to Choose Electrostatic Air Purifiers

Now, it’s time for the things that we don’t like about an electrostatic air filter.

  • If not cleaned properly or regularly, the filters get less efficient. So, regular maintenance is a must and this consumes time.
  • They say the filter doesn’t need to be replaced. But anything that deals with dust and particles, it is bound to have decayed over time. So, you’ll have to replace the filter eventually but not so quickly like other filters.
  • This purifier cannot remove volatile organic compounds. So, for odor or toxic gas problems, you’ve to rely on something else.
  • With increased airflow, the efficiency of the purifier decreases which is not acceptable at all.
  • While ionizing the particles and collecting them, it creates ozone as a byproduct. At ground level, ozone might get dangerous for your health.
  • As the success rate of this purifier isn’t up to the mark, allergy or asthma patients might find it problematic after using the filter for some time.

A Better Alternative to Electrostatic Air Purifiers

HEPA filter is the best alternative to the electrostatic purifiers. It’s because you’ll get all the advantages of an electrostatic purifier. You’ll also have a solution to the problems of having an electrostatic filtering system.

The only point where electrostatic air filter wins is the price. Using only HEPA filter, an air purifier might cost even less than an electrostatic purifier. But the cost increases when you consider the replacement costs.

Considering the advantages, the price won’t matter anymore. You’ll get the most efficient air purifying with HEPA filters. No ozone will generate or no harmful particle will get past even when you operate the purifier with high speed.

Final Words

Now you know everything one needs to know about electrostatic air purifiers. So, all that left is our recommendation. We recommend you not to consider this at first. Keep it on your list at the bottom. You might want it for its advantages. But with our detailed reviews on the latest air purifiers, you’ll find something with similar advantages that is superior to electrostatic air purifying.