How much does a good air purifier costs [Everything You Need to Know]

You may know that homes have many sources that cause Indoor air pollution. Sometimes indoor airs are even five times dirtier than outdoor air which causes many health issues so it’s very important to use a good air purifier.

Air purifiers remove pollution, allergens, bad odor, bacteria from indoor air to make air quality better. So after seeing what it will do now, you must be thinking how much does a good air purifier will cost you?

A good air purifier can even cost you more than 500$ because clean air isn’t cheap at all. But if you have a very tight budget then you shouldn’t be worried about this also. You can even find the best air purifier under 100$

But if you don’t have to worry about the budget then you can easily buy any expensive purifier because these will give you the best service, it may fit well with your interior by giving a lavish look that too with noise control technology.

Now you are wondering what will you get under 100$?

Well, air purifiers within 100$ have one key function. So before buying, find out your needs. Maybe you have allergies so you may need to get rid of allergens or for some reason, your house stinks a lot so you need to remove bad odors or you want your home to be healthier by removing bacteria.

It’s pretty obvious that the air purifier does all this but still, you need to find out which is your core need and then buy accordingly.

You will get some additional features too but it will surely do the main thing you need and before buying make sure it purifies air very effectively. There are some factors you need to make sure your air purifier has.

Must Have Air Purifier Factors

1. Coverage Area

Most of the air purifier which is under 100$ can cover an area of 200 to 400 SFT approximately. It doesn’t work well for larger space so before buying you should measure the space in which you are going to put the air purifier.

2. Filtration

It is the most important feature of an air purifier. Most of the cheap purifiers have only one filter which does only one kind of purification like it may remove particles that only create odors. But for the best result, you need to find an air purifier that has multi filters liken Primary filter, HEPA filter, Carbon filter or UV light. These steps are very much needed for pure air.

3. Clean air delivery rate

This feature indicates how much pure air your purifier can deliver after filtration. The much it can the more beneficial it is for you.

4. Ozone production

It’s a very important factor for your health. The ozone should be 0.08 parts per million for indoor but some air purifier pumps ozone level 40 parts per million. So the less ozone production your purifier does the more benefits you get.

While looking for the best product at this price you could be a little bit disappointed because of the limitations of these products. Sometimes color may not go well with your interior or furniture, it can be noisy or the design isn’t much attractive.

There are also some maintenance costs of these purifiers. You have to change filters every three months for the best output and it will cost approximately 20$-50$. But some companies often use this technique to earn money because of which you may need to change the filter every one or two months which is very cost-effective so before buying go through the instructions properly to reduce your costs.

Those who of you live beside a road or in the heavy traffic area, you should look for air sensor function. This sensor switches according to air quality.

Now, If you are looking for an air purifier only for your desk or just to use on a shelf then you can even buy them within 50$-60$. These won’t surely do the best work. It can only remove bad odors and it also doesn’t come with special cleaning modes or multi-layer filters.

You must be thinking now that if you can get so many functions and good output in 100$ then what’s the specialty of those expensive air purifiers or what special features they have?

Money has a big impact on a product’s quality but if you are using the purifier for your home or small office cabin then it is okay to buy the 100$ one. Now if you are going to cover a big area like a conference room, hall or office complexes and also if you are concerned about how it will look with your interior space then you should buy the expensive ones. In short, the benefits you will get is

  • Wall-mounted kit.
  • Various colors and attractive designs.
  • The filter lasts longer for like 5 to 8 years so you won’t have to change frequently.
  • Some may give you a customized filter function.
  • It comes with night sense mode.

Remember that air purifier only improves the air quality so before spending money on it follow these guides properly.

The air purifier should be long term investment for your home that’s why you need to find good brands so that it lasts long. It is not like only famous brand products are good. You can even find good purifiers of less known brands. People might not know about those well but once you start finding them then surely you will find some good purifiers which are not much famous.

You may know the trend of minimalism? If you don’t then you should know that people now days don’t want to spend a lot on products. Rather they try to find the best product at a cheap price. So those who were thinking of getting an air purifier, we have tried to guide you that how much does a good air purifier will cost you and how you can find a good air purifier without hurting your pocket.

Now, take your time, do research, compare products and then buy your desired air purifier.

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