How to Remove Smoke Smell From Home

Removing smoke smell can be a big deal if you’re on the verge of getting into trouble for it. It’s a real problem if your house is about to sell or your landlord is coming at the weekend or your relatives are coming for a visit. It’s even uncomfortable for smokers. So, addressing the problem, let’s find out how to remove smoke smell from home.

Before we begin, you would love to know the mother of all solutions to this smoke smell problem. It’s from one of my beloved friends.

Don’t smoke in the first place.”

Come on! That’s ridiculous. Yes, I know but my friend made that joke anyway. So, keeping aside the idea of smoking-is-injurious-to-health, let’s get to know the most effective methods of removing smoke smell from home or your living room. This article covers:

  • Quick and easy fix to remove the smell
  • Slow and cost-effective
  • Why smoke smell sticks like none

How to Remove Smoke Smell From Home: Quick and Easy

  • Replacing Furnace Filter

Your furnace can carry the Smokey smell throughout the house. It’ll carry not only the smoke but also the contaminants of cigarettes. To avoid that smell and harmful elements, you should change your furnace filters from time to time.

  • Cleaning the Ducts

Another important point like replacing furnace filters is cleaning your ducts properly. After cleaning a lot of things, you’d still smell some smoke and it might be from the air traveled through the ducts. Make sure you clean your ducts properly by professionals.

  • Air Purifier with Carbon Filter

This is one of the best ways to beat the smell. Installing an air purifier from day one will save you a lot of hassle. It’ll also be a trusted companion on improving the air quality of your home along with removing the smoke smell.

Not all types of air purifier will be best for you. So, we wrote a review article on Best Air Purifier for Smoke so that you can choose the right one. Try to buy air purifiers with a carbon filters to ensure zero smell in your house. It’s also important that you know the benefits of air purifier so that you realize its importance.

  • Painting the Wall

Believe it or not, your walls keep the smoke smell from fading away. So, this step is required only when washing the walls don’t work. New paint will help fight the smell with a fresh look to your room.

How to Remove Smoke Smell from Home: Slow but Cost-efficient

  • Ensuring Air Flow

The first thing on our obvious to-do list is ensuring maximum air flow through the house. Proper ventilation will take away most of the smell. You can keep the windows open and turn the fans on. This will do the trick but make no mistake that will completely take the smell away.

  • Washing Wall and Floor

The smell of smoke can be stored on walls and floors. So, washing them can partially solve the problem. Experts recommend that you can wash with Trisodium Phosphate or TSP. Mix TSP with water maintaining 1:20 ratio and spray it on the affected surface. After some time, wipe the solution with a clean cloth.

  • Washing Carpet, Curtain

Washing curtains and cleaning carpets are another big steps in fighting the smell. Vacuum cleaning the carpet can ensure fresh smelling carpet like a new one.

  • Changing Light Bulb

Another eye-popping fact! You may ask how light bulb can have any link to smoke smell. When you smoke, it can create a layer of toxic chemical on a light bulb. After turning them on, it gets hot and the chemicals get released into the air which is more harmful. So, cleaning the bulb surface or changing it will keep you safe..

  • Using Bread and Vinegar

This one is like a natural magic trick. Have you ever thought of using bread soaked into white vinegar? If not, try it today. Keep the soaked bread in the room and all bad odor will be absorbed by it naturally.

  • Using Air Fresheners

It’s actually a quick hack and it’ll not remove the smell rather it’ll mask it. Using different deodorants or air fresheners will give you instant solutions. The trick is particularly helpful when you have guests in a very short notice. But you’ll have to take some actions to acquire long-term solution.

  • Treating the Furniture

The furniture also deposits the smell of your cigarette. Few hours of exposure in the sunlight can reduce the odor greatly. If it’s not cleaned for a long time, you’ll need something more than just sunlight. Give it a deep dry cleaning and it’ll smell like a new one.

You came to read this article to know how to remove smoke smell from home but have you ever wondered why cigarette smell stick like nothing else? Or how dangerous that could be to your health? Let’s have a small brief to those matters.

Why Smoke Smell Sticks Like None

It’s very common that any fume created from burning something can add an extra layer to things around the burning area. Another example could you walking on the streets on a foggy morning. After some time, you’ll notice a damp feeling on your clothes.

Smoking a cigarette is no different from that. a cigarette releases more than 250 types of chemicals and toxic elements in the air. When that polluted air touches something, it adds an extra layer to that which is the cause of that smell. Because of this unique mix of chemicals, it creates long-lasting odor, which you can’t remove easily.

So, one very easy way to avoid all that, you can use air purifiers. Air purifiers prevents the toxic air from depositing on your room. Read this article to know how do air purifiers work

There are different types of purifiers out there. But analyzing your situation, you’ll need a very specific type of purifier. To help you with the analysis and selecting the perfect one, read our Air Purifier Buying Guide.

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Final Words

You don’t necessarily have to perform all the tasks mentioned in this article. You do one by one and if the taken action has solved your problem, you don’t need to continue. Moreover, the solutions stated above have more benefits along with removing the smoke smell.

The process of cleaning and reducing smoke smell can be long, costly, and frustrating. But the harm caused by smoke residue is unimaginable. Different studies have linked the smoke residue to even cancer.

Considering the health -risk, you shouldn’t take the matter lightly. So, start taking actions today as the task is difficult but not impossible to perform. This article on how to remove smoke smell from home or your room can lead you to the right path.